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Blizzard and Ninetowns, who moved Founder's fonts?

According to today's news, the Founder prosecution of "World of Warcraft," the case of infringement of its character, there are three defendants, Blizzard, Ninetowns and Beijing Ninetowns of authorized distributors in feelings. In the three defendants, Blizzard is the "World of Warcraft" game of the copyright holder, Ninetowns is the game in mainland China carriers and electronic publications, publishers, Beijing, clear text is the game the agent in Beijing business.

This paper discusses the question is, if the Founder's request the court litigation support, that the three companies who will eventually "World of Warcraft" in the Founder font bear tort liability, in other words, who is the Founder of the font copied into the "World of Warcraft" client software. In 3, we can first rule out Beijing in feelings, Founder of the company to pull into the proceedings and for proceedings in the case estimated to be under the jurisdiction of the Beijing, its obviously not copy the font Founder.

China's "Civil Law" Article 30 provides that: two or more joint tort causes damage to others, shall bear joint and several liability, therefore, once the court established infringement, "World of Warcraft," the copyright owner Blizzard game operation in China Business Ninetowns is likely to bear joint and several liability. Although joint and several liability, but both Blizzard and Ninetowns responsibility in this matter must also be different, if the infringement was entirely caused by one party, the other can be prosecuted in court after infringer real time, real infringement will ultimately accountable billion compensation money on.

"World of Warcraft," the translation process analysis

To clarify this issue, we must first understand the "World of Warcraft," the Chinese version of Who owns copyright in the end, individual judge to Blizzard's strong, clear and Ninetowns game in the contract provides for the introduction of "World of Warcraft the world "belongs to the Chinese translation of all his, of course, as usual, Blizzard is also expected to bear the corresponding cost of translation. Founder of the Chinese version of the game and I also estimated the same judge, so the divisions of the Blizzard.

Next we look at the process of online games finished. Speaking of online games in accordance with the general course of the game's content translation translation company translation generally, please complete, but the content will be translated game software is not embedded in the task of translation companies, usually the game's developers will be responsible for the content of embedded translated translation company game. Message in my blog, many users believe that the "World of Warcraft" for the local operators Ninetowns finished, but I estimate that, "World of Warcraft" translation companies may be looking Ninetowns translation in many specific The problems and the Blizzard by Ninetowns for communication, but will need to have the software embedded software content of the source code or to break the system, Ninetowns clearly not the source code, without Blizzard's authorization, it will not World of Warcraft to crack the system, therefore, the case will be embedded in Chinese content "World of Warcraft" client software should be Blizzard. Of course, we can not completely rule out the mandate Ninetowns Blizzard games will be finished after the possibility of embedded systems, but this practice is not consistent and industry practices.

Intellectual property infringement case involving specific acts are: the "World of Warcraft," the Chinese translation of the content embedded in the game system, the Founder of the four fonts of the font by adding together the Chinese version of "World of Warcraft" customers client software, and commercial use of this character's behavior may not be font of the copyright owner's permission. In this case, if the court ultimately determined "World of Warcraft" infringement, violations of the rights of copyright in the reproduction right, that is, without the right owner, copy of their work behavior.

Who is the real perpetrators?

Who will bear the following cut into the core issue of tort liability:

Who is the Founder of the font and the "World of Warcraft" and associated display together?

Who to copy the font into the Founder of "World of Warcraft" client software?

The association and replication are likely to be the real case the infringer. Based on the foregoing analysis, we easily see that, to carry out such acts, it is estimated that only the game developers - Blizzard has. If the above set up and the case was sentenced to infringement claims, despite the establishment and Blizzard Ninetowns will jointly and severally liable, but if the character into the first software company Blizzard, Ninetowns in bear corresponding liability, based on the law, should be able to claim for consequential losses to Blizzard because Blizzard is the Founder Font copied into the "World of Warcraft" game in Chinese version of the client's behavior led to the loss of Ninetowns. Of course, out of the need for continued agency of Warcraft game, Ninetowns probably will not risk losing the risk of agency loss claims related to Blizzard.

Write to you, think of another problem, Blizzard is a U.S. game company, but there is no R & D institutions in China, therefore, compared to its Chinese fonts do not understand how to think their side is the font to copy into the "magic animal in the world "game? Therefore, Blizzard's Founder font could also be supplied to the possibility of ranking in the provider, as a domestic partner Ninetowns Blizzard no doubt the greatest suspicion. If Ninetowns provided to the Blizzard unauthorized Founder font, then the outcome of the discussion above of this article will be completely reversed. Provided to the Blizzard in Ninetowns unauthorized Founder font, once the snow Ninetowns court decisions jointly and severally liable to the Founder, the property of Blizzard implemented by the court, therefore, can in turn sue Ninetowns Blizzard compensation for the loss of the previous proceedings, as Ninetowns in the provision of fonts when the font is not informed of intellectual property rights, although Blizzard is also at fault, but the case will certainly be a major infringement NINETOWNS to assume responsibility.

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Chen Qishen: production is not magic

Production is not magic, the necessary production and procurement lead time is not small, can not be "0" lead. This principle is not only OEMs understand that our customers understand this.

Some auto parts enterprises in the implementation of ERP systems, but inventories remain high. The reason for the planned change over frequently, with 2 days of stabilization period can not be done. In order to meet the needs of volatile vehicle business, parts factory had increased the procurement of parts inventory, increased costs and reduced income. No benefits to speak of the implementation of ERP.

Magician from a top hat out of a pigeon in the change, almost between the blink of an eye, "0" lead time. However, if a small audience request: "magician uncle, I do not want white doves, pigeons you only took change." I am afraid magician can only answer: "The kids, next time you change out a flower dove"; Anyway, this is gone. Production is not magic, the necessary production and procurement lead time is not small, can not be "0" lead. This principle is not only OEMs understand that our customers understand this. Some OEMs will be engaged in their own body assembly and painting, various Model and color changes, also need to have some lead time to production. Why, then, on the parts business to such "difficulties" mean? Issues within it a lie?

May be due to many factors.
* Disorderly competition. A fundamental macroeconomic problem is disorderly competition in the automotive industry. In order to compete for orders, to sales, without regard to whether the promise, first hand say grab list. Similar models, several plants are in production, with little difference, branding is not obvious. Some customers make money by vehicles, to early to income-generating livelihoods hand, Which vehicles low price, fast delivery to buy Which of; neither value nor emphasis on quality brand. (Relative to the domestic brands have great importance to quality and engineering machinery plant to import truck chassis, and even up to 6 months in advance of the harsh conditions forced herself to accept the order.)

* Wrong interpretation of lean production. Some OEMs that responsive and customer demand, is to achieve lean manufacturing, is done to customer satisfaction, in order to get rid of their difficulties, at the pressure onto parts enterprises, with a false guide thinking of running VMI (vendor managed inventory) and "agile supply chain." This is lean manufacturing and pull operations distortion. "The current competition is between supply and demand chain and supply chain competition," which has been known as the doctrine. However, practical problems, but still really works "in my core." The main role of ERP systems is to optimize processes, and optimization process is seeking to achieve "value added" and "win-win" for the purpose. The so-called value-added is all the "rights and interests shared by (stakeholder)", that is, value-added of all partners, not just a small number of dominant firms, only a common value, can we talk about win-win situation. Competitive environment in the supply chain, if there is no "value-added and win-win" is not sustainable. If in the profits of the upstream supply partners can not meet the continuous innovation and process improvement, the last vehicle or damage to the brand, this reason is obvious.

鈥?Information sharing. Plants and parts factories vehicle information communication between the poor and can not be achieved from a collaborative management model, also contributed to program one of the reasons varied. Realize synergies through a business on the SCM system is not enough, all partners must be "on line", so that real-time sharing of information. By the major supplier of enterprise ERP system as a vehicle for remote user, you can use EAI and middleware technology, and a major supplier of ERP systems integration, information portal can also be used (but less real time). In the choice of suppliers, each supplier must be the key to assessing the total time line (manufacturing critical path time, MCT), MCT short of the preferred suppliers to, and not simply consider the "quota." Plans to accept orders and should give full consideration to fulfill the contract when the conditions and possibilities.

路 ERP operation mechanism of understanding the problem. In ERP planning, the time to fully understand the 3 elements of MRP (planning period, period, when the sector) the profound significance of the right to set short and medium term plans for the length of time (last couple of weeks is the "Day" or "when" little is weeks away, further away is the month), on this basis, the proper understanding and operation of a rolling plan. In the collaborative management model based on the repeat run MRP to determine the interval, the rapid response plan changes.

Only with the car's reasonable adjustment of industrial structure, to achieve cooperation and competition and collaboration management, reduce this unpredictable Jihua, while they enhance communication and share and learn proper use of ERP systems, ERP systems for effective only possible Zhenzhengtixian out.




how to uninstall and remove avast antivirus


Saturday, September 25, 2010

In addition to resource saving, NOD32 On what basis can beef?

Recently found a strange phenomenon - the various websites and forums, as long as the mention of NOD32, the inseparable "accounted for less resources" before. Although this is a fact, and many are indeed because of this reason is put NOD32, Dan Shi extremes meet, Zhe Gan Jue is the NOD32 people's resources in addition to Zhan Shao Zhi Wai will have no other You Dian, and even in some places still repeated the baseless assertion De Chuxianleisi " ; NOD32 Trojan horse does not kill, "the fallacy of the class.

NOD32 faithful as fans, naturally want to see this, so the text a little essays, I hope all the attention and love NOD32 friends to help.

First, inspired (Heuristic)

Why should first say that enlightenment? Because personally think that this is the biggest outside of NOD32 in addition to the advantages of resource usage.

The so-called inspiration, is that antivirus software can not in the virus library judgments and intercept malicious files. Statement in accordance with ESET, NOD32 virus database can be without any context, to identify the last 90 days, 54% of new viruses. In fact, if you are using NOD32, then, that prompted "variant of ..." (XX virus variants), and "probably a variant of ..." (XX virus variants may be) is heuristic judgments reported Although it can not accurately reported the virus name, but it can not be guaranteed outside the block in the system against.

Figure 1

Heuristic antivirus NOD32 has not the only one, but based on the actual test run, many anti-virus software, "inspired" are reported shell, that is, the processes of the shell as long as the police, regardless of the procedure itself is harmful. Inspired NOD32 false positive rate is very low, if you are interested, I can share more detailed testing process.

2, scanning speed

Meisha good explanation of this stuff, take a look at two recent Virus Bulletin test report now! Look at the Vista platform:

Figure 2

Let's look at XP platform, or Virus Bulletin's data:

Figure 3

If your hard drive is only 40GB, 60GB or 80GB, this difference may feel obvious, but if your hard disk is 160GB, 250GB or even more so, making the overall feel that NOD32 can scan speed advantage.

Third, self-protection

"A virus can get rid of certain anti-virus software," the things that are common, and even appeared to modify the system date antivirus software can fail to do so. Therefore, anti-virus anti-virus software, while also strengthening the ability to protect themselves, so as not to block the virus but was not anti-virus software "kill", or even if it's of ability is also furnished.

In this regard, NOD32's performance is very good: it has two core processes, namely NOD32KUI and NOD32KRN, the former is the user interface has been shut down after only a graphical interface, but the real-time monitoring or running; the latter is the core program, use the Task Manager, Bing Ren tools like its the end, it will automatically re-created.

Figure 4

Interested friends can own test, you use antivirus software process can not be easily concluded. Of course, if you select Bing Ren in the "prohibition of the process to create" option, then NOD32 also can not regeneration, but it's self-protection stronger than most other soft-kill, it is an indisputable fact.

4, on the Trojan

This is the most angry questions to the author. An article entitled "Kaspersky and other anti-virus software, in contrast of what I see" widely reprinted online, the paper said "NOD32 can not kill the Trojan defense! Because NOD32 is not the designers think that Trojan viruses," and so on, and really let people laugh and gas.

Why funny? Because the person writing this article, apparently never used NOD32, to a far the most simple of evidence to look at my NOD32 quarantine it:

Figure 5

Figure, NOD32 Trojan not only killing, and it's inspired equally effective against Trojans, tips from the graph can be seen out.

Or you can also easily look up NOD32's virus database update records (the official web site inquiries, such as April 17 this day a total of 4 times the virus database upgrade , of which there are dozens of Trojan Records, I really do not know "NOD32 can not kill the horse," saying come from.

Again quote a passage, we take a look at that section was taken out of context, then what is:

"Computer Virus (Computer Virus) long term, compared to the subsequent emergence of computer worms (Worms), plate between the software (Spyware), adware (Adware), Trojan Horse (Trojan) and so much earlier However, collectively known as malware Jieke (Malicious Code). Although all of these are different degrees of computer injuries, including damage to data, invasion of privacy, steal important information, etc. But the trade''virus''Jisuan Ji's definition of the assertion''and''self-replicating ''transmitted'', in which worms have more similar characteristics, including the ability to own a number of cloned copy files, and crawling through the network to other computers infected. Therefore, spyware, adware and Trojan horses can not be classified as (narrow sense) computer viruses. "

In fact, this is also author would like to express the key issues - the views are all should come from practice, Qi Shi Kan you in these words of Shi Hou Ye Ke Yi suspect me, Danshizhiyou you Zhenzheng tried it and Cai know in the end who said it is correct.

5, issue size

Norton 360 just came out recently downloaded a wish to experience the results when prompted to install 370MB or so (forget the exact figures) hard disk space, can not help whom E and natural, then cancel the installation.

In contrast, NOD32 installation files and take up hard disk space after installation situation and, like its small footprint, the installation file is only 10MB succeed in that space after installation, but also more than 30 MB, which also includes the installation files around 10MB (quarantine viruses not included), it is easy on the U disk.

Come talk about the "footprint" problem, and some friends to it and the "memory footprint" confused the probability that total resource is accounted for memory, the memory is in fact a part of system resources, impact on the system speed is more obvious is the CPU resources. Why we have a memory card will rise to the situation after 2G. Therefore, NOD32 is the best anti-virus software does not drag the system, but that does not mean that it takes up memory is the smallest, we take up the memory if they are smaller than some of situations NOD32 also not surprised.

Finally, a circumstantial evidence cited: Europe and the United States and Hong Kong, the user's computer configuration in general is better than the mainland, but NOD32 is still in Europe and the United States and Hong Kong have a very huge market.

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Delphi beginners reference (b)

Windows API
API (Application Programming Interface) application programming interface, all the computer language to be used in it. What is API? API is the program uses the services provided by the operating system as a means of programming most of us are not operating directly on hardware, but rather call these API, the direct operation by the operating system, hardware, it is we do not have programming and hardware test filter compatibility issues, more importantly, from the operating system level to achieve a code-sharing. Therefore, if the programming API can be used to achieve the function, we try to use it.

Delphi How to use the Windows API

Development in their daily work, we often have to use the Windows API function, then the API function exists where? We can interpret it this way, API function that is encapsulated in the Windows system's DLL system files. As we often use the Beep procedure (Bell), is called Windwos system directory user32.dll in MessageBeep realized; SendMessage (message) is a direct call to user32.dll's SendMessageA. Delphi Dll most frequently used are: advapi32.dll, kernel32.dll, mpr.dll, version.dll, comctl32.dll, gdi32.dll, opengl32.dll, user32.dll, wintrust.dll, msimg32.dll.

So Delphi is how to use this API function for? Since the API function exists in the system DLL, then we can call their own, as written in the same DLL API function call friends. Call the DLL function in two ways, one is a static method, a dynamic way. Call the Windows API are based on the static approach, and why? This is because the DLL is the most basic services provided by the operating system, the operating system at boot time on already loaded into memory, and large and the operating system also use them.

API and daily programming

Delphi encapsulates the Windows API function, the majority of (mainly in the Windows.pas unit), it should be said to complete most of our work, we generally do not directly call the API function. But sometimes there are special requirements, we may have to call off a number of Delphi did not package API, sometimes even calling Windows API functions not released. So how to call these API functions? As mentioned before, using the static method call just fine. See more details call the relevant information.

Delphi did not call these API functions encapsulated key is to know the parameters. Can check to see the latest MSDN or related information.


Microsoft's MFC a lot of packages in Windows API, VCL is no exception. VCL features can not be separated to achieve most of the Windows API, either directly call, either through a simple package and then call. Repaint if TControl's implementation (Control unit):
procedure TControl.Repaint;




if (Visible or (csDesigning in ComponentState) and not (

csNoDesignVisible in ControlStyle)) and (Parent <> nil) and

Parent.HandleAllocated then

if csOpaque in ControlStyle then


/ / Direct call to the GetDC user32.Dll

DC: = GetDC (Parent.Handle);


/ / Direct call gdi32.Dll of IntersectClipRect

IntersectClipRect (DC, Left, Top, Left + Width, Top +


/ / Parent.PaintControls a large number of API calls

Parent.PaintControls (DC, Self);


/ / Directly call the ReleaseDC user32.Dll

ReleaseDC (Parent.Handle, DC);


end else


/ / The following two calls through the package





Can be seen in everywhere VCL API, we understood from the other side is VCL: VCL is a large number of package API function libraries, such a result is to make it easier to use the API, do not care about those annoying API parameter.

Delphi and Windwos COM Service
What is COM? COM (Component Object Model), Component Object Model, which is based on the Windows platform for the different independent objects can communicate with each other without any constraint of software computing language component model, which defines a standard API, and a binary. The definition of abstract, first of all it is a component model defines a component object specification model to achieve this COM object is the COM object. COM object is through the interface (Interface) to achieve access to a COM object can contain one or more interfaces form the COM objects function, you can visit the VCL objects like the same way as the interface method to access COM objects. COM objects in order to achieve resource sharing, it is a binary code level to achieve a shared, so it can be implemented in different programming languages can also be by a different programming language to call, similar to DLL (COM fact, the ideological sources DLL).


COM is highly recommended by Microsoft before something so ubiquitous Windows operating system, Delphi's VCL has also called Windows COM service, the most obvious example is the field component of all ADO ADO page components, such as TADOQuery, it is inherited from the TCustomADODataSet while TCustomADODataSet defined as follows:
TCustomADODataSet = class (TDataSet, IUnknown,



FRecordsetObject: _Recordset;

FFindCursor: _Recordset;

FLookupCursor: _Recordset;

FLockCursor: _Recordset;

FRowset: IRowset;

FAccessor: IAccessor;

FRowsetFind: IRowsetFind;


FOleRecBufSize: Integer;



ADO (Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects), it is a set by Microsoft OLE DB Provider to access the database a collection of COM objects. If we look at the First TADOQuery realization methods:
TADOQuery.First-> TDataSet.First-> TdataSet.InternalFirst-> TCustomADODataSet. InternalFirst -> Recordset15. MoveFirst

TADOQuery inherited from TCustomADODataSet, but TCustomADODataSet inherited from TdataSet, TdataSet.InternalFirst virtual method is defined, while the sub-class TCustomADODataSet. InternalFirst covers it. TCustomADODataSet. InternalFirs Recordset15 the MoveFirst method call interface.

Not difficult to find, TADOQuery.First eventually calling COM object through the interface implemented.

Delphi and the Windows shell

What is the Windows shell does? Windows Shell is the Windows interface operating environment, it also provides a powerful our programming scalability. We use Windows shell functions to achieve some of the programming, known as shell extension. For example, if your machine has been installed WinRAR, right-click menu in the folder will see the WinRAR compression menu. These features is through the Windows shell extensions to achieve.

Windows shell is based on COM, so all the shell extensions is through the interface. Delphi also defines a number of shell extension interface, the installation directory Delphi7 SourcertlWinShlObj.pas unit.

In Delphi's Demo directory there is a Virtual Listview example is achieved by Windows shell extension disk browsing, interested readers can look.

Embedded assembly language
Assembly language code to embed in Delphi is one of the characteristics, such as the VCL implementation of the root class Tobjce compilation of statements on a range of embedded.

Assembly language is a relatively low-level computer languages, and the closer relationship between hardware. So we usually try not to use it programming, but in some special occasions (such as high performance requirements, the need for direct manipulation of hardware), the use of it can still play a significant role.

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Fireworks ring filter to create Bright

The effect of the text needs Eyecandy4.0 support. If you are interested in this effect, you can download the filter to try.

This is part of South Korea shot a website page. A friend of this effect is that like, ask me how. Fireworks have edges filter, you can create a round edge, but the effects of poor edge virtual production. Thought, if you push back down to analyze the effect can be said to the edge of an incomplete grammaticalization. With the emergence tried, not ideal. Suddenly think there is a radioactive fuzzy fuzzy. Tried the. yeah, is this effect. Try it!

Note: The reason to use Eyecandy4 to produce, because the edges Fw own edge filter effect produced is not very good, of course, you can also try using Edges detailed debugging.

1, the final results graph (PNG source file)

2, first draw a circle;

3, using Eyecandy4.0 filter, as set; China. Stop. Long points

4, the circular of radioactive fuzzy;

5, the final result.

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Mr. Chen will be back in the more terrible

Shanda chairman Chen Tianqiao since May 2005 after nearly closed door not, very few public appearances. There were rumors of its grasp of the founding of advance and retreat of the Road, go. Year and a half grand to sell 370 million shares of Sina shares; then Mr. Chen said that Shanda has a high profile in a longer period of growth starting point. Signal that Mr. Chen ready to go more than a year now, "yearn to break out."

Shanda's 2007 critical: the main indicators of the sustainability of growth? Can long-term income slump along with share prices soaring? The planned new product can open up the market? Accordingly, an aggressive, high-profile "aggressive" and Mr. Chen will "resurrection"?

I recently with a think-tank said to be former members of Mr. Chen's "The skilled," recalled a grand history, popular its inspiration. "The skilled," concluded Mr. Chen had three moves, the greatest impact in the industry, and known as the "Three":

First enter, Chen upstream, in the "Legends 2" is the only big product, the upstream side ACTOZ branded Korean copyright lawsuit. This case is a dozen years. Mr. Chen's evaluation on the move: "The fate of the company with new game the whole industry to face high agency problem." Later, he bought ACTOZ by the end of a copyright dispute, is the first into the continuity.

Second into, Chen Jun Tang, president of direct recruitment to the originator company, the introduction of professional managers in succession, for the grand integration of the family business into the international management capacity. Mr. Chen to pay high salaries and employment at stake, "cut" from the people without mercy, there was more than a grand executives a few years, "Ebb Tide."

The third into the most attention. Shanda acquired 19.5% shares of Sina, the media, anti-boiled speculation profit days, Chen pocketed the eye. Things in the past two years, is still dense fog.

However, since last year, Chen began to consciously retreat. Corresponds to the "Three", he has "three out":

A retreat, Chen online game business model change, suddenly announced the entire line game "free." Mr. Chen compared to this, first dry the mud pond dig exposure, then the source of the introduction of new, seeking long-term development. This retreat, Shanda games much, after three quarters, before gradually returning to the peak level.

2 back, is he to minimize external contact with the company, concentrated internal management. Over the past year, Chen strengthen internal management and training, and training system known as the "Shengda Jun School" The aim is to "Young Guard."

3 withdrawal, the withdrawal is Sina. Cause for the lifting of convertible bonds to worry about, Chen sold part of the Sina shares, units with cash, but also activate the impasse between with Sina, Sina, he broadened the question of "imagination."

The "The skilled," said the three returned, the first retreat was the most thorough. Mr. Chen himself hit the bottom, and then a strong rebound; second retreat should end soon; the third withdrawal, the most incomplete, Chen revealed that he actually is in "no more out" of the status quo.

"The skilled," if completed, the author has been secretly scared: Three bold, Chen fame, but they were outsiders, "then shame very strong," "will fall" of speculation; three back is keeping a low profile, Chen was strategic change, but no judgments on Mr. Chen's no focus on the place! Mr. Chen's first two back has paid off, still remain the third withdrawal suspense. Tiger flutter people before, will have squatting. May we never see a high profile of Mr. Chen, but the return of Mr. Chen will become even more frightening.

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Professional SWF Flash Converter

Professional SWF Flash Converter is easy converts your Flash swf files to compliant Avi, Mpeg, VCD, SVCD or DVD structures (VOB and IFO).It converts your batch files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD blank media DVD+-R(W). The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video format and create automatically chapters. Multiple audio tracks are supported. and burn them to a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW, so that you can play your Flash swf on DVD player.It is a Powerful and versatile DVD creator. The user-firenldy and easy-to-use interface lets you set begin-time/end-time for each Flash swf and batch convert. Very quick in conversion speed and no quality is lost! Cool SWF Flash Converter Mixer Convert Macromedia Flash SWF to MPEG AVI video file. SWF to Video Converter is a powerful utility that supports to convert Macromedia Flash SWF files to MPEG AVI or VCD SVCD DVD compatible MPEG files including movie clips, action scripts and audio in the Flash movies. Also join many SWF files in one large AVI or VCD SVCD DVD compatible MPEG file. Allow the human interaction on Flash content during conversion, no skip frames and support 32bits RGBA alpha channel video that can be directed imported by video authoring tool for composition. Main features: batch conversion for SWFs to MPEG AVI VCD SVCD DVDs, batch Join for SWFs to MPEG AVI VCD SVCD DVDs, join many SWF files in one large video file, extract MP3/WAV sound.

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