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In addition to resource saving, NOD32 On what basis can beef?

Recently found a strange phenomenon - the various websites and forums, as long as the mention of NOD32, the inseparable "accounted for less resources" before. Although this is a fact, and many are indeed because of this reason is put NOD32, Dan Shi extremes meet, Zhe Gan Jue is the NOD32 people's resources in addition to Zhan Shao Zhi Wai will have no other You Dian, and even in some places still repeated the baseless assertion De Chuxianleisi " ; NOD32 Trojan horse does not kill, "the fallacy of the class.

NOD32 faithful as fans, naturally want to see this, so the text a little essays, I hope all the attention and love NOD32 friends to help.

First, inspired (Heuristic)

Why should first say that enlightenment? Because personally think that this is the biggest outside of NOD32 in addition to the advantages of resource usage.

The so-called inspiration, is that antivirus software can not in the virus library judgments and intercept malicious files. Statement in accordance with ESET, NOD32 virus database can be without any context, to identify the last 90 days, 54% of new viruses. In fact, if you are using NOD32, then, that prompted "variant of ..." (XX virus variants), and "probably a variant of ..." (XX virus variants may be) is heuristic judgments reported Although it can not accurately reported the virus name, but it can not be guaranteed outside the block in the system against.

Figure 1

Heuristic antivirus NOD32 has not the only one, but based on the actual test run, many anti-virus software, "inspired" are reported shell, that is, the processes of the shell as long as the police, regardless of the procedure itself is harmful. Inspired NOD32 false positive rate is very low, if you are interested, I can share more detailed testing process.

2, scanning speed

Meisha good explanation of this stuff, take a look at two recent Virus Bulletin test report now! Look at the Vista platform:

Figure 2

Let's look at XP platform, or Virus Bulletin's data:

Figure 3

If your hard drive is only 40GB, 60GB or 80GB, this difference may feel obvious, but if your hard disk is 160GB, 250GB or even more so, making the overall feel that NOD32 can scan speed advantage.

Third, self-protection

"A virus can get rid of certain anti-virus software," the things that are common, and even appeared to modify the system date antivirus software can fail to do so. Therefore, anti-virus anti-virus software, while also strengthening the ability to protect themselves, so as not to block the virus but was not anti-virus software "kill", or even if it's of ability is also furnished.

In this regard, NOD32's performance is very good: it has two core processes, namely NOD32KUI and NOD32KRN, the former is the user interface has been shut down after only a graphical interface, but the real-time monitoring or running; the latter is the core program, use the Task Manager, Bing Ren tools like its the end, it will automatically re-created.

Figure 4

Interested friends can own test, you use antivirus software process can not be easily concluded. Of course, if you select Bing Ren in the "prohibition of the process to create" option, then NOD32 also can not regeneration, but it's self-protection stronger than most other soft-kill, it is an indisputable fact.

4, on the Trojan

This is the most angry questions to the author. An article entitled "Kaspersky and other anti-virus software, in contrast of what I see" widely reprinted online, the paper said "NOD32 can not kill the Trojan defense! Because NOD32 is not the designers think that Trojan viruses," and so on, and really let people laugh and gas.

Why funny? Because the person writing this article, apparently never used NOD32, to a far the most simple of evidence to look at my NOD32 quarantine it:

Figure 5

Figure, NOD32 Trojan not only killing, and it's inspired equally effective against Trojans, tips from the graph can be seen out.

Or you can also easily look up NOD32's virus database update records (the official web site inquiries, such as April 17 this day a total of 4 times the virus database upgrade , of which there are dozens of Trojan Records, I really do not know "NOD32 can not kill the horse," saying come from.

Again quote a passage, we take a look at that section was taken out of context, then what is:

"Computer Virus (Computer Virus) long term, compared to the subsequent emergence of computer worms (Worms), plate between the software (Spyware), adware (Adware), Trojan Horse (Trojan) and so much earlier However, collectively known as malware Jieke (Malicious Code). Although all of these are different degrees of computer injuries, including damage to data, invasion of privacy, steal important information, etc. But the trade''virus''Jisuan Ji's definition of the assertion''and''self-replicating ''transmitted'', in which worms have more similar characteristics, including the ability to own a number of cloned copy files, and crawling through the network to other computers infected. Therefore, spyware, adware and Trojan horses can not be classified as (narrow sense) computer viruses. "

In fact, this is also author would like to express the key issues - the views are all should come from practice, Qi Shi Kan you in these words of Shi Hou Ye Ke Yi suspect me, Danshizhiyou you Zhenzheng tried it and Cai know in the end who said it is correct.

5, issue size

Norton 360 just came out recently downloaded a wish to experience the results when prompted to install 370MB or so (forget the exact figures) hard disk space, can not help whom E and natural, then cancel the installation.

In contrast, NOD32 installation files and take up hard disk space after installation situation and, like its small footprint, the installation file is only 10MB succeed in that space after installation, but also more than 30 MB, which also includes the installation files around 10MB (quarantine viruses not included), it is easy on the U disk.

Come talk about the "footprint" problem, and some friends to it and the "memory footprint" confused the probability that total resource is accounted for memory, the memory is in fact a part of system resources, impact on the system speed is more obvious is the CPU resources. Why we have a memory card will rise to the situation after 2G. Therefore, NOD32 is the best anti-virus software does not drag the system, but that does not mean that it takes up memory is the smallest, we take up the memory if they are smaller than some of situations NOD32 also not surprised.

Finally, a circumstantial evidence cited: Europe and the United States and Hong Kong, the user's computer configuration in general is better than the mainland, but NOD32 is still in Europe and the United States and Hong Kong have a very huge market.

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