Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chen Qishen: production is not magic

Production is not magic, the necessary production and procurement lead time is not small, can not be "0" lead. This principle is not only OEMs understand that our customers understand this.

Some auto parts enterprises in the implementation of ERP systems, but inventories remain high. The reason for the planned change over frequently, with 2 days of stabilization period can not be done. In order to meet the needs of volatile vehicle business, parts factory had increased the procurement of parts inventory, increased costs and reduced income. No benefits to speak of the implementation of ERP.

Magician from a top hat out of a pigeon in the change, almost between the blink of an eye, "0" lead time. However, if a small audience request: "magician uncle, I do not want white doves, pigeons you only took change." I am afraid magician can only answer: "The kids, next time you change out a flower dove"; Anyway, this is gone. Production is not magic, the necessary production and procurement lead time is not small, can not be "0" lead. This principle is not only OEMs understand that our customers understand this. Some OEMs will be engaged in their own body assembly and painting, various Model and color changes, also need to have some lead time to production. Why, then, on the parts business to such "difficulties" mean? Issues within it a lie?

May be due to many factors.
* Disorderly competition. A fundamental macroeconomic problem is disorderly competition in the automotive industry. In order to compete for orders, to sales, without regard to whether the promise, first hand say grab list. Similar models, several plants are in production, with little difference, branding is not obvious. Some customers make money by vehicles, to early to income-generating livelihoods hand, Which vehicles low price, fast delivery to buy Which of; neither value nor emphasis on quality brand. (Relative to the domestic brands have great importance to quality and engineering machinery plant to import truck chassis, and even up to 6 months in advance of the harsh conditions forced herself to accept the order.)

* Wrong interpretation of lean production. Some OEMs that responsive and customer demand, is to achieve lean manufacturing, is done to customer satisfaction, in order to get rid of their difficulties, at the pressure onto parts enterprises, with a false guide thinking of running VMI (vendor managed inventory) and "agile supply chain." This is lean manufacturing and pull operations distortion. "The current competition is between supply and demand chain and supply chain competition," which has been known as the doctrine. However, practical problems, but still really works "in my core." The main role of ERP systems is to optimize processes, and optimization process is seeking to achieve "value added" and "win-win" for the purpose. The so-called value-added is all the "rights and interests shared by (stakeholder)", that is, value-added of all partners, not just a small number of dominant firms, only a common value, can we talk about win-win situation. Competitive environment in the supply chain, if there is no "value-added and win-win" is not sustainable. If in the profits of the upstream supply partners can not meet the continuous innovation and process improvement, the last vehicle or damage to the brand, this reason is obvious.

鈥?Information sharing. Plants and parts factories vehicle information communication between the poor and can not be achieved from a collaborative management model, also contributed to program one of the reasons varied. Realize synergies through a business on the SCM system is not enough, all partners must be "on line", so that real-time sharing of information. By the major supplier of enterprise ERP system as a vehicle for remote user, you can use EAI and middleware technology, and a major supplier of ERP systems integration, information portal can also be used (but less real time). In the choice of suppliers, each supplier must be the key to assessing the total time line (manufacturing critical path time, MCT), MCT short of the preferred suppliers to, and not simply consider the "quota." Plans to accept orders and should give full consideration to fulfill the contract when the conditions and possibilities.

路 ERP operation mechanism of understanding the problem. In ERP planning, the time to fully understand the 3 elements of MRP (planning period, period, when the sector) the profound significance of the right to set short and medium term plans for the length of time (last couple of weeks is the "Day" or "when" little is weeks away, further away is the month), on this basis, the proper understanding and operation of a rolling plan. In the collaborative management model based on the repeat run MRP to determine the interval, the rapid response plan changes.

Only with the car's reasonable adjustment of industrial structure, to achieve cooperation and competition and collaboration management, reduce this unpredictable Jihua, while they enhance communication and share and learn proper use of ERP systems, ERP systems for effective only possible Zhenzhengtixian out.




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