Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fireworks ring filter to create Bright

The effect of the text needs Eyecandy4.0 support. If you are interested in this effect, you can download the filter to try.

This is part of South Korea shot a website page. A friend of this effect is that like, ask me how. Fireworks have edges filter, you can create a round edge, but the effects of poor edge virtual production. Thought, if you push back down to analyze the effect can be said to the edge of an incomplete grammaticalization. With the emergence tried, not ideal. Suddenly think there is a radioactive fuzzy fuzzy. Tried the. yeah, is this effect. Try it!

Note: The reason to use Eyecandy4 to produce, because the edges Fw own edge filter effect produced is not very good, of course, you can also try using Edges detailed debugging.

1, the final results graph (PNG source file)

2, first draw a circle;

3, using Eyecandy4.0 filter, as set; China. Stop. Long points

4, the circular of radioactive fuzzy;

5, the final result.

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